Welcome to the official Dating Agency Association site

Welcome to the Dating Agency Association

Welcome to the Dating Agency Association

Welcome to the official website of the Dating Agency Association – the only independent dating agency body in the UK. The Association was originally formed in 2002 as the Introduction Services Federation, but has been renamed and re-branded in response to the strong criticism of the online dating sector of the industry in the press and in the media and in direct response to the Information Commissions concerns and criticisms, highlighted in letters to leading online dating companies, Match.com, eHarmony, Cupid Plc, Global Personals and the A.B.I.A.

The letters followed a survey by the ICO of major UK based online dating websites, which identified areas where the Data Protection Act was not being followed in 4 key areas. These were as follows:

1) Poor visability of the terms and conditions that give the website consent to use personal information in certain ways.

2) Those terms and conditions making reference to companies having ‘perpetual’ or ‘irrevocable’ licence to use members data.

3) Websites claiming to take no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal information.

4) Users being expected to provide personal information before the terms and conditions were provided.

The recommendations and requirements of the Information Commission have been embraced by all member companies of the Dating Agency Association and are included in our own membership requirements, code of conduct and core objectives.

The purpose of the Dating Agency Association is to serve and support individual daters, furnish them with advice, keep them abreast of developments within the industry and promote safer dating and the alternatives that are available. To also ensure they are treated fairly and equitably by our member companies and that remains as our major purpose today.

Complaints within our membership are actually relatively rare, which is probably an indication that the association works well. Our independent Cheif Executive handles all unresolved complaints and mediates between the parties involved to resolve a way forward, which is a unique concept within the industry and, exists to ensure fairness, as the champion of the consumer.

We do not offer advice to companies or individuals wanting to start a dating agency business, we do not have a board made up of the principals or senior figures of member companies and our role is purely to promote all sectors of the industry, use of ethical standards within it, transparency, individuals dating safely and them being aware of the potential problems and risks and fair treatment for all.

So join our member companies with confidence, they carry our hard won and unique seal of approval and are committed to running their companies to the highest of ethical standards, with the interests of the public at the core.