The Dating Agency Association

Code of Practice

Some Guidelines For Clients

The Association will get involved in individual complaints only when there has been a clear breach of our code of conduct, the member company's complaint procedure has been exhausted and we have been requested to become involved by the client. We are not an ADR body and our only involvement can be to provide a code of conduct and attempt to bring the parties together to agree an amicable settlement if that code of conduct has been breached.

Member companies are required to take all reasonable steps to determine that prospective clients are unattached and free to be recommended to their clients and that the personal details supplied are accurate and correctly describe the client.

Member agencies are required to conduct reasonable enquiries to ascertain good character and background of prospective clients. However, member agencies should still advise clients to take sensible precautions in meeting new people, as advised in the DAA Dating Safety Handbook our member agencies should supply

Member companies will accept applications only from persons whom the Member company believes may be recommended to other client members and not to accept for membership clients outside of those criteria.

Member companies will offer clear written contracts to all prospective clients accepted for membership. Such contracts will describe the services offered and the cost of membership. Where the total cost of membership can vary, a typical cost of membership according to which services are used, should be stated.

Member companies are required to to take reasonable steps to protect client confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the Information Commission and Data Protection Act. Member companies will ensure that no release of personal details including home and work addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or photographs will be permitted without approval being given in each case.

Terms and conditions should be displayed clearly on websites and written copies should be provided. Terms and conditions making reference to 'perpetual' and 'irrevocable' licence to use members data are not permitted by the Dating Agency Association.
Websites claiming to take no responsibility for the loss or damage to clients confidential and personal data will not be permitted as members. Clients joining should have access to the terms and conditions of member companies if they so desire before payment is taken.
Member companies undertake to encourage the personal safety of clients. Member companies are required to provide personal safety guidelines on their websites and to ensure that clients are fully aware of the importance of following such guidelines. Member companies are required to advise the Association on the details of their personal safety policies.
Member companies will endeavour to resolve any complaint received from a client. If this cannot be achieved and the client wishes to refer the case to the Association where there has been a clear breach of our code of conduct, the client should notify the member company that the matter is being placed before the Association. The Association will seek to resolve the matter within 28 days. Should the Association be unable to facilitate an amicable resolution of the matter, the client will be informed that the matter may be taken before an Alternative Dispute Resolution body (ADR). A client directly approaching the Association will be requested to conform to the procedure described above.